Terms & Conditions


You are eligible to enter the competition if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:

  • You are not an employee or intern of Zimmer Biomet or their affiliated companies.
  • You are not involved in any part of the execution or administration of this competition.
  • You are not directly or indirectly connected with members of the jury or the organizations they represent.
  • You are not an immediate family member (parent, sibling, spouse, and child) or household member of a Zimmer Biomet employee or an employee of Zimmer Biomet affiliated companies, or a person involved in any part of the administration and execution of this competition.
  • For individuals: you are a legal resident of (at least) one of the countries below; if you are affiliated to a legal entity (e.g. company, university or research institute etc.), the legal entity is located in one of those countries: the Member States of the European Union as well as: Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and U.A.E.
  • You or together with collaborators/coworkers came to the idea for the innovation described here. You are not knowingly violating the rights of any third party.
  • You declare that you are not aware of third party patents or patent applications, which might potentially cover your innovation.
  • You can demonstrate your innovation (at least a working prototype)


No transfer, substitution or cash equivalent for travel and accommodation grants, coaching, piloting or promotion of innovations is allowed, except at Zimmer Biomet’s sole discretion. Zimmer Biomet reserves the right to substitute a prize, in whole or in part, of equal or greater monetary value if a prize cannot be awarded, in whole or in part, as described for any reason. Each of the prize should not be construed or regarded as a personal gift and can only be used for the development and/or marketing of the Innovation. Should Zimmer Biomet become or be made aware of any violations of the principles referenced here, Zimmer Biomet reserves the right, after appropriate investigation of the matter, to withdraw its support with immediate effect and undertake such other steps as it may seem fit under the circumstances.


Applicants bear their own costs with the exception of costs explicitly listed here. Zimmer Biomet offers a travel and accommodation grant to reduce the financial burden of finalist teams traveling to Winterthur:

  • Accommodation in Winterthur for individuals or for up to three members per finalist team (arranged by Zimmer Biomet).
  • Incurred travel expenses up to €1,200 for Swiss teams, €1,800 for all other teams.

Data Privacy

To process applications and to provide support, Zimmer Biomet or affiliated companies collect and electronically stores the data submitted by applicants. These data include personal information (name, address, date of birth, nationality, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and organization of the applicants) as well as information on the project. Zimmer Biomet may publish the names of the participating teams, their project titles, project videos and project abstracts on Zimmer Biomet websites, via social media, in press releases and in printed publications.

Right of first offering

Following the completion the award ceremony, at the sole discretion of Zimmer Biomet, the winner of the Award and Zimmer Biomet will explore and discuss any possible future exclusive collaboration opportunities which are subject to negotiation and finalizing by the parties of an agreement containing mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

As Zimmer Biomet is interested in or attaches great value to digital innovations in musculoskeletal healthcare, following the completion of the Award ceremony and for a period of one (1) year after the Award ceremony, before the winner intends to sell an Innovation which has been submitted for this Award to a third party, the winner must first offer the Innovation and related rights to Zimmer Biomet on the same terms and conditions as they are offered by the third party. Zimmer Biomet will have ninety (90) days during which to accept said offer. If Zimmer Biomet does not accept said offer within said period, the winner shall be free to accept the third-party offer. If the applicant does not enter into an agreement with the third party on said terms and conditions and close the transaction within ninety (90) days, winners’ rights to sell the Innovation to the third party shall expire and the procedure described in this section shall again be applicable.